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The Irish News: Siobhán McSweeney: ‘I feel a great gratitude to the people of Derry’

The Derry Girls star on science, success and sculpting

How and why did you get involved in YES Festival in Derry and Donegal – Ireland’s all-women artists’ event, inspired by James Joyce’s character Molly Bloom from his epic novel Ulysses ?

Organisers Sean and Liam always have such interesting ideas up their sleeves. I have worked with them previously before on FrielFest and I was curious about this.

Where did you record The Molly Films?

I filmed it alone in an Airbnb in Dalston, London, on a very hot day with a marvellous and fun crew and an interesting and lovely young Ukrainian director.

Which of Molly’s ‘sentences’ will you be performing?

Sentence seven of the eight.

Do you feel a strong connection to the city of Derry after your time with Derry Girls?

Of course. But more than that I feel a great gratitude to the people of Derry for being so class and welcoming and for supporting the show and all of us in such a beautiful way.

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